My biggest time management challenge

I love my sleep. I can’t get enough of it, although it is not my biggest problem, I still need to start going to bed earlier. My biggest problem would have to be procrastinating. I do it constantly and I blame social media! If I’m not doing school work, most of the time I’m on tumblr or surfing Facebook or Instagram. I actually just checked my snapchat while typing this, see I have a problem. It’s really hard to deal with so much work and try to find free time for yourself though! I try my best to get my things done on time and I’ve gotten better about it! This year I will strive to do my best with school work and my actual job! I try to do things ahead now, every little chance I get to do work, I do it! So I guess whenever you’re free in between classes, get caught up on something:)



  1. Hey Karen!
    I completely relate with being a procrastinator. It’s a real struggle and problem. Good for you that you’re trying to get past it, by doing assignments in advance.


  2. Karen, I understand the allure of social media–I really love Facebook. And you don’t necessarily need to stop using it–staying in contact with your friends and family is quite important. BUT it can also become a huge time sink hole. Try this–set out to do an entire assignment, and give yourself ten minutes of your favorite social media as a reward when your finished. Then go on to the next assignment, and earn ten more minutes.

    Also, concerning your blog entry–it’s really short. We’re you just dying to be done and get back on snapchat? Remember, your blog entries need to be at least 300 words to receive full credit. Words=thought.


  3. Hey hey hey! So, I completely agree. My terrible procrastination problem absolutely kills me. My problem is, I love Netflix and Tumblr and I could spend hours on each. I just try to get my schoolwork done before I do so. It doesn’t always work out that way but I at least make an attempt at it 🙂


  4. Hi Karen! I have the same problem. My Facebook is up in my tabs right now incase I get a notification, so I will not miss it. What I learned it is if you go to a space where there is no one, and start your assignments you will not be tempted to anything. I do not touch my phone while I study, because I found my phone bothers me more than my laptop. I am more likely to check my Facebook for 2 minutes on my phone then get back to topic then on my phone. Also, I remember the quicker I do my assignments, the quicker I can relax and destress.


  5. I have a snapchat problem too! And I’m definitely with you when blaming social media. The best way I cope with this problem is rewarding myself after practicing or taking breaks in between. I know its a little different for vocal majors, but its still great to take little breaks.


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