Common Sessions!

I really enjoyed all of the common sessions that took place recently! The financing one, public speaking and President Flemming’s “personal brand” My favorite would probably be the public speaking one. I just distinctly remember all of the different voice types people use while speaking publicly such as the “vocal fry” and the “baby speaking”. It’s pretty funny because now every time I hear someone speak in front of a crowd or something, I’m always paying attention to see if they do any of these. It’s really interesting to find out the small things that people do because they’re so nervous of speaking in front of people. I myself can be pretty calm while speaking in front of people but sometimes when singing in front of people, I can do subtle things like twitch my face or something. There’s always things you can do to try to prevent any of this from happening. Mainly try to take a public speaking class while in college. Also, try to practice speaking in front of publicly. I don’t really have much of a problem speaking in front of people as much as I do singing sometimes but there’s always ways to overcome those nerves! Overall, I learned that you can control the things you do while publicly speaking. Sometimes people do the “vocal fry” on purpose to sound appealing but it really doesn’t at all. Others don’t mean to do it but like I said it’s all nerves and you can totally overcome that! There’s nobody to impress and there’s nothing to be afraid of but yourself! As long as you practice you will do fine!:)


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