Who Am I?

Well I was an average teenage girl who loved her music, her friends and her choir:) My high school choir was my life! We did almost everything together and we always got to travel around everywhere and do the thing we loved to do the most, sing! I was devastated when that all ended my senior year of high school:( It was a great year for me and I had no idea what college was going to be like, not the same as high  school I thought and I was right, it’s nothing like high school! But the relationships you make with people here are just the same, I feel right at home and I’ve created a new family with all of my music friends:) The good thing about going to school here where I grew up is that I still get to visit my old choir buddies and see my conductor as well:P I also still travel around everywhere with my best friends and go to rock concerts of my favorite bands like the crazy kid I am, I’ll always be a concert junkie though I love my music!:P Now in college, I study and practice my butt off 10 times more than I did in high school! That’s perfectly fine for me though, I enjoy it:)  In the future, I really hope to have my own independent life as a professional singer and get to live and have my own studio up in Boston someday! I know for a fact that Converse College and all of the professors and students are going to help me prepare for that!! I know that I’ll continue doing great things with my life and I hope and pray to be successful in the future. If you wanna check out my presentation that I did to the class, it is located on the post underneath this one:)



  1. Hi Karen!
    It is so cool that you got to travel around performing with your high school choir! I hope the Converse Chorale is meeting your expectations for a choir:) I sure am enjoying singing with our choir and being a part of such a loving group of girls. The relationships I have formed here are truly unique and special!


  2. Hey Karen,
    Performing around a lot with your choir is really cool! This is my first time with one and its really amazing.
    Yes, I totally understand the more practice time because I never did as much as I do now.


  3. Hi! I really like how your video was layer out! I enjoyed seeing that even though you changed, you kept true to yourself! I also like how to look forward to the future!


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