My Music Autobiography

Well as most of you already know, my family is from Guatemala and they came to the United States probably around 26 years ago. I was born and raised here in upstate SC. Growing up, I had numerous of musical influences in my life. Most of them probably came from friends and school and movies I grew up watching. The number one thing I remember that influenced me a lot were probably my two older brothers. The oldest one was actually born in Guatemala but came here with my mom on a plane for the first time in 1991, my dad was already in the US. Anyway, as you can imagine, they didn’t know much English when they first came. But as my brothers grew up going to school and stuff, they eventually learned. So as they got around their teens, I was probably around 7 or 8 years old, they were probably influenced by friends and such at school. One day I was going through my brothers CD’s and found some pretty good mix’s. That’s when I was introduced to the early 2000’s punk rock/alternative music. I distinctly remember listening to The All American Rejects and Green Day constantly as a kid. Every where I went, I would steal my brothers CD player and always bring those CD’s with me. Every single time I jumped in the car, that’s what I would be listening to and it’s funny because that’s what I still do today but with my phone of course:p Now of course, my parents also influenced a bit of musical taste with some Spanish music! Do you know that one song that goes, feeling hot hot hot? Well there was this band called Banda Blanca, which translates to “White Band” lol, but yeah I used to listen to this CD by them constantly and I have no idea why I loved the music so much but I did! Their type of music was a very Central American partying type of music I guess you would say. Anyway, there was also my moms favorite band from back in the day called Los Bukis! The lead singer is very well known, his name is Marco Antonio Solis and he also had a solo career. I always remembered his music being very romantic and pop rockish, I still like it! So yeah, these were probably my main influences of music growing up, I still listen to many of the same stuff but I have a more wide range of music I listen to today. I listen to a lot more indie/alternative music that was influenced by 50’s rock n’ roll and even 80’s music! I love everything about it:)

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  1. It’s great to hear about your perspectives as a First Generation kid, Karen. I’ll be curious to see some of the connections you make between some of the stuff we study and what you have from your own family.


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