Music and Religion

1. The religion that I grew up with would be pentecostal/Christianity. I grew up going to Hispanic pentecostal churches and in all of them, music, singing and dancing were all a big part of it. The main reason for music and singing and dancing is to praise God. That’s the way to worship him and it is a big deal. I remember going to these things called vigils. They were these long, very long, where they would sing, dance and play music all night long over and over all to praise God! I always found it very amazing how they would do this, I mean as a kid I didn’t understand it much. The practice of dancing in the pentecostal world that I grew up in, was when you were in the holy spirit and you would be dancing around waving your arms or in anything in that matter to worship God. There weren’t any rules to be followed I guess, because it was all in your own. You were the one who chose to be there and worship God and to be in the holy spirit was just something that happened when you were really into I guess. As a kid, like I said, I didn’t enjoy being there all night just because I was always tired but now that I understand why it’s done it’s a very beautiful thing to be able to worship and love God all together in a setting.

2. Well to be honest, a lot of music I’ve heard has a very gospel/soulful vibe to it. Whether you want to take that into a religious consideration. It’s the truth, that kind of style is based on simplistic Christianity beliefs because that’s where it began. I believe that much music that we hear today is pleasing to most people, even though they don’t take it to a religious matter. Some people may look at it as a true religious meaning and others may not. It really just depends on the way you were raised. For example, I have an atheist best friend who loves Christmas music but, she hates the Christmas music having to do with the birth of Jesus Christ. And I mean technically that’s what most people know when it comes to Christmas but, it course has many meanings to it. So like I said, it really depends on how you were raised and whether you want to believe that some music comes from a christian background or not.


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  1. So, given your background, I’m guessing that last term–with the history of early Christian music and monks and liturgy and all–was a bit eye-opening? Or, perhaps, ear-opening. 🙂

    As you write your blogs, do remember to go back and proofread before you hit Publish–especially in terms of consistent capitalization.


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