Music and Gender

Well for one, for some reason I only tend to listen to male singers. My friend actually recently pointed this out to me a few months ago. There’s this band called Chvrches that she’s in love with and she showed me a song by them with a male singer and I liked it a lot. Then she showed me the same band with their original female singer and I didn’t like it. I mean it’s really not intentional but I don’t listen to much female singers. Don’t get me wrong, I love female singers considering I am one which is so funny! Anyway, I mainly listen to bands and solo male singers. I guess it’s because of the music I grew up listening to of course.

Coming to Converse, I noticed the atmosphere is like a “girls rule, boys drool” kind of thing which I can totally agree on! But I remember when I first took a campus tour, I heard something going on outside and they were playing I’m so fancy by Iggy Azalea and I seriously was about to loose my cool because I hate that song! I guess it’s just a lot of female singers nowadays don’t take it seriously such as Iggy. But that’s besides the point. When I was in highschool, the music was very diverse! Anybody really listened to anything but like I said, I always notice the stereo types of girls listening to girls and guys listening to guys but I was never like that. I also saw a difference in behavior with guys in the choir than girls. We always seemed to listen while they just goofed around all the time, they felt like singing was for girls well some of them did. A lot of them were always too embarrassed to try out for solos because I guess they didn’t really feel manly. I always wished that everyone can set aside the stereo types for once and just do what they want! Also if a girl wants to sing tenor, she can sing tenor because we did have a girl that got judged because she could reach those low notes but you have no idea how amazing it is to have such a wide vocal range! Some day soon, the stereo types will fade away and hopefully everything we do won’t be based on if society is going to judge us or not!



  1. So, here’s a question for you: do you figure the guys in band cut up more than the girls? Were they just worse-behaved? Or were they perhaps acting on expectations? Were girls to cut up or to behave? What about the boys? Hmmmmm……


  2. I can relate to a lot of your experiences! I’ve seen a lot of really talented guys shy away from musical theatre because of stereotypes. Also, I’m with you on the male singer point. I tend to listen to male singers/groups more than females. I do have my favorite female singers, but I probably listen more to male singers. Maybe we (as individuals) prefer a certain timbre or lower pitches typically found in the male voice?


  3. Karen, I find it really interesting that you say you enjoy listening to male singers more. Is it perhaps because you yourself are a female, and you already hear yourself and your inflections on a daily basis. I always joke with my friends that it’s nice to hear a woman with a good voice, but there’s just something about a man singing.


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