Here are some cool facts about Ecuador:p Did you know that their currency is actually the U.S. dollar? I probably would have never have known that either:p


I seriously still have my mouth wide open from this. This kid can FREAKING SING. Anyway, I really don’t like how it says white kid but okay lol. enjoy:p


We’ve all seen female belly dancers before, but have you ever heard of a male belly dancer?? Yeah, this man can DEFINITELY MOVE! Is it hot in here or is it me?;p There’s even some Arabic beats in the background.



  1. Holy crap Batman! That kid can sing! I love the expression on the cashier’s face when the kid starts singing! His jaw just fell to the floor. Also, it looks like we had the same idea about the whole male belly dancer thing! Who knew?!


  2. Yes, I’ve seen this blues kid before–he’s pretty incredible. But kids are often like that–as one of my friends told me, “Kids are great. They think everything is normal, so don’t let them know otherwise.” The kid’s just doing his thing, and nobody’s bothered to tell him anything that would inhibit him.


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